The Illinois Public Health Association strives to build a high performing sustainable, well-funded public health system in all areas of Illinois that:

Strategic Plan Overview

The Illinois Public Health Association (IPHA) began its strategic planning process in 2010 with an environmental scan, a retreat, and a final report presented to the Executive Council.  Subsequent to adoptionof the final plan, IPHA moved forward with a strong implementation and evaluation approach. Throughout 2015, representatives of IPHA leadership met again to review the existing strategic plan and develop implementation plans for future years.  A 2016-2021 Strategic Plan was finalized and approved by the Executive Council in March 2016.

2016-2021 IPHA Strategic Plan


To improve health in Illinois through leadership in advocacy, education and collaboration


A high performing sustainable public health system in all areas of Illinois to achieve wellness and health equity.

Strategic Issues

I. Align Public Health Partners
II. Strengthen IPHA and the Public Health Workforce
III. Advance the Practice of Public Health to Improve Health Equity
IV. Promote the Value of Public Health and the Role of Public Health in Healthcare Transformation


IPHA Annual Budget

The budget of the Illinois Public Health Association is approved by the Executive Council before the beginning of each fiscal year.  The budget is reviewed and updated, as necessary, by the Executive Council on a quarterly basis.

FY 2017 Budget (revised May 2017)


IPHA Bylaws

The bylaws provide a framework for the Association's operation and management and can only be amended by vote of the membership. The bylaws were last amended by the IPHA general membership on June 16, 2015.


Download the current IPHA Bylaws (as amended June 16, 2015)



IPHA Audits

An external firm conducts an annual audit of all of the Association's financials.  A copy of the annual audit is made available to general membership and applicable funding agencies.

IPHA 2016 Audit.pdf

IPHA 2015 audit.pdf

IPHA 2014 audit.pdf

IPHA 2013 audit.pdf 

IPHA 2012 audit.pdf