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The summit evaluation is available online.  All attendees should receive a link to the evaluation via email. If you are requesting continuing education credit, you are required to complete the evaluation in order to be eligible for a certificate. Upon completion of the online evaluation, continuing education certificates will be mailed to eligible participants. Your opinions are valuable and serve to guide planning of future summits.


Please check back soon to access copies of presentation PowerPoints and handouts from summit sessions.


The summit featured live webcasts of the following sessions. The webcasts will be archived and made available here for future viewing.  Please check back soon for links to the archived videos.

Chicago Quarantine Station: Phase I of Ebola Response
This session will provide an overview of the Chicago Department of Public Health’s (CDPH) role at the CDC Quarantine Station within
O’Hare International airport, in relationship to the Chicago Ebola Virus Disease surveillance strategy. Participants will be provided
a stronger understanding of Federal to local health authority coordination, along with an overview of the processes and procedures
implemented at the CDC Quarantine station to ensure proper tracking of potentially exposed Ebola clients returning to the United States.

The Obligations and Role of the Coroner’s Office Regarding Death in Disaster Situations
The Coroner and the public have statutory obligations regarding the investigation and removal of deceased persons. These
obligations are not altered by the designation of a disaster scenario. These obligations and processes will be discussed in relation
to various disaster situations.

Perspectives on Ebola: The Chicago Ebola Resource Network Hospitals Preparedness Model
This session will focus on the experience of the Chicago Ebola Resource Network hospitals when developing plans to receive
patients with Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) or under investigation for the disease. Each hospital faced planning challenges that
included creation and staffing of dedicated isolation units or areas, selection of and training on personal protective equipment,
waste management, and development of other protective measures. Lessons learned during the care of patients under
investigation for EVD will also be shared.

Deploying the COOP Process During Long Term Hospital Events
This interactive presentation will describe real event response focused on disaster recovery during hospital evacuation and closure.
Attendees will gain an understanding of COOP, COOP terms, and benefits of COOP planning during an actual event tying in the
ten elements of a viable COOP capability process. Come and learn how a COOP event might affect you, and prepare mission
essential functions into a plan.