12:00 PM - CST

Event Information

October 22, 2020: 12:00pm – 1:30pm

Vaccine Information in Social Media: Thoughts, Emotions, and Previous Behaviors Matter

  • Jorge Villegas, PhD, Associate Dean, University of Illinois at Springfield
  • Cheng-Chia (Brian) Chen, PhD, Assistant Professor of Public Health, University of Illinois at Springfield
  • Jennifer Lemanski, PhD, Professor and Chair, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Social media has become fertile ground for unwarranted debates on the safety of vaccinations. An approach to reduce misinformation online is to have social media users engage in the defense of vaccination. A possible mechanism to increase the willingness to engage in this debate is to ensure that community members take part in the decision-making process of their vaccinations.  This presentation will focus on an online experiment where participants were exposed to social media messages that varied in several post-vaccination adverse effects (VAEs), as well as appeals based on “personal narratives” or “presentation of statistics”.  Learn how public health professionals can use social media to communicate health messaging by applying system thinking in designing effective health information posts.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify traits of messages that influence the interaction with HPV vaccine-related messages in social media.
  2. Differentiate between different types of negative emotions such as situation regret and decisional regret in the context of HPV vaccinations.
  3. Identify the effects of individuals’ preferences of physician/patient decision making roles in decisional regret.