12:00 PM - CST

Event Information

November 5, 2020

12:00pm – 1:30pm

Small Bites of Big Data: State Analyses of BRFSS and EHR Data

  • Karen Mancera-Cuevas, DrPH, MS, MPH, CHES, Deputy Director, Office of Health Promotion, Illinois Department of Public Health

    Dr. Karen Mancera-Cuevas is the Deputy Director of Health Promotion at the Illinois Department of Public Health. Her professional background includes previously working in academic centers emphasizing clinical, public health, and community-based participatory research at the University of Illinois at Chicago and Northwestern University. She has also worked in local non-profit and policy level settings. Programs developed under her leadership addressed chronic disease health disparities in diverse communities of color, specifically targeting women and children at the community-level.

  • Patrick Harper, PharmD, MPH, CPH, CDC Chronic Disease Epidemiology Assignee to Illinois Department of Public Health

    Commander Patrick Harper is an officer in the United States Public Health Service. He is currently stationed in Springfield, Illinois as the CDC’s Chronic Disease Epidemiology Assignee for the Illinois Department of Public Health. Prior to this position he served as a Senior Public Health Analyst with the Health Resources and Services Administration, a Chief Pharmacist in the Federal Bureau of Prisons, and an Advanced Practice Pharmacist in the Indian Health Service.

  • Mona Van Kanegan, DDS, MS, MPH, Chief, Division of Oral Health, Office of Health Promotion, Illinois Department of Public Health

    Mona Van Kanegan is the Chief, Division of Oral Health within the Office of Health Promotion. Mona is a graduate of the University of Illinois system with an MS in Biochemistry, DDS and an MPH in Community Health Sciences. Her specific oral health training and care of children, adolescents, people living with HIV, people experiencing homelessness, elderly residents and other vulnerable populations puts her in a unique position to lead oral health activities at the Division of Oral Health. 

  • Samantha Saini, MPH, BRFSS Research Scientist, Office of Policy Planning & Statistics, Illinois Department of Public Health

    Sam Saini is a Research Scientist for IDPH assigned to the BRFSS program. She has worked at all levels of public health including county (in New Jersey), state (in New York and Illinois), federal (in HRSA’s HIV/AIDS Bureau), and internationally (with the World Health Organization in India).

  • Kevin Yu, BA, Data Analyst, Center for Health Information Partnerships, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

    Kevin is a student in the Northwestern University's Health and Biomedical Informatics PhD Program. Prior to starting his PhD training, he was a data analyst at Northwestern University's Center for Health Information Partnerships, focusing on informatics research regarding cardiovascular disease outcomes and supporting large research networks such as CAPriCORN and the All of Us Research Program. 

Big data and chronic disease surveillance drive population health.  This panel presentation will consist of representatives from the Illinois Department of Public Health and partners from Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine sharing interesting information from a constellation of recent projects involving analysis of Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) and electronic health record (EHR) data. Dr. Karen Mancera-Cuevas, IDPH Deputy Director of Health Promotion, will facilitate the panel and Q&A session.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Compare the prediabetes risk vs. awareness utilizing BRFSS data from 2013-2016.
  2. Compare the prediabetes risk prevalence for respondents who did vs. did not self-report a recent oral health visit utilizing BRFSS data from 2013-2016.
  3. Compare chronic disease prevalence generated by the BRFSS versus electronic health record data mining.