12:00 PM - CST

Event Information

November 18, 2020: 12:00pm – 1:30pm

Community Health Worker (CHW) Model for Health Care Delivery and Environment Programs

  • Muskaan Chhibber, Research Associate, UI Health, Department of Pediatrics
  • Pranav Selvan, Research Associate, UI Health
  • Akram Alnounou, Research Associate, UI Health
  • Mohammad Ali Khan, Research Assistant, UI Health, Department of Pediatrics
  • Gurvinder Singh, Research Assistant, UI Health, Department of pediatrics

Community Health Workers are equipped with the tools and resources necessary to bring about a change in the form of a rapid chain reaction. This session will introduce a model, using collaboratively collected data between the USA and India, which can assist CHWs to engage with each other, organize campaigns and events and, also, successfully showcase their results and data.  The CHW Model focuses on the practices, strategies, plans and implementation techniques needed to organize a community health event based on diverse agendas: health, environment and minorities. This session will include past successful events, change in impact numbers globally and assistance in public health emergencies, such as COVID-19 or environmental catastrophes, such as hurricanes and tornados.  

Learning Objectives:

  1. Evaluate current CHW strategic plans, practices and results. Recommend implementation of proposed model with country specific modifications.
  2. Learn essentials as CHW workers, frontline health care workers and public health workers/volunteers in times of organizing events and camps for the society.
  3. Understand need for relief camps, medical camps and interconnectivity for CHWs in times of need such as pandemics.