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Title:    A Third Party Billing Success Story : How a Small, Rural Public Health Department is Generating Significant Revenue Through Immunization and HIV Billing


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Webinar Slides: Billing for Small Rural Public Health Departments Webinar Slides.pdf


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Description: The objective of this webinar is to demonstrate how a small, rural health department can successfully generate revenue through third party billing, particularly through billing for immunizations, HIV testing, and related services.  The webinar will be a case study focusing on the successful billing practices of Logan County Department of Public Health, a small, rural public health department in central Illinois.  Through implementation of billing best practices, this health department’s billing revenue is exceeding the average for public health departments with similar population and demographics. 



Kara A. Davis RN, BSN, Director of Nursing/Assistant Administrator, Logan County Department of Public Health

Kara graduated From St. John's College, Department of Nursing in 2001 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Soon after graduation, she went to work at St. John's working in post-surgical. From there, Kara worked as the Assistant Manager of Orthopedics and Charge Nurse of Orthopedics and Post-surgical.  She started working at Logan County Department of Public health in October 2014 as the Assistant Administrator/Director Of Nursing. Kara resides in Logan County with her husband Jeremy  and 3 children.


Tara Comstock, Support Services Supervisor and Finance Billing Specialist, Logan County Department of Public Health

Tare graduated from Lincoln Community High School in 2002. Before taking the position at the Health Department she worked for the Secretary of State in Springfield, IL. Tara has been employed by the Health Department since 2012. She was hired as a support services clerk and eventually took on the responsibility of the vaccine coordinator. From there, she moved to the finance department and became the Finance Billing Specialist. Most recently, she has accepted the position as the Support Services Supervisor along with maintaining finance responsibilities.  Tara was born and raised in Lincoln, IL and enjoys working for the community that she grew up in!  Tara is married to her husband Matthew who is a Police Officer in Lincoln.