Public Health 3.0 Workforce Development Forum

Public Health 3.0 Forum Call for Abstracts

The Public Health 3.0 Workforce Development Forum Planning Committee is seeking examples of multi-sector collaborations that are driving collective action to improve population health and address the social determinants of health. We would like to highlight successes and lessons learned from local health departments, hospital systems, and community partners from across Illinois. A full list of topics is provided below. Concurrent breakout sessions will be 90 minutes with two options for presentations.

There are two options for presentation format:

  1. A 20-minute presentation that will be combined with two other related presentations during the concurrent session; or
  2. A 90-minute workshop in which the applicant will organize multiple presenters and/or facilitate interactive dialogue or skill-building activities with participants.

Abstract submissions are due March 13, 2018 by 5 PM CST.


May 2, 2018 Audience = Illinois Governmental Public Health

  • The Health Department as Chief Health Strategist - Chief Health Strategists work with relevant partners to drive initiatives that explicitly address “upstream” social determinants of health. Tell us how your health department evolved into the role of Chief Health Strategist in your community and how you work in partnership with health care providers and leaders. Whether you are in the early stages of this work or have advanced experience, we would like to learn from you. What changes were made? What resources were required? How have you developed your workforce to meet the changing role? How have you integrated a health equity approach into your work? Who are your new partners? Presentations from rural and small health departments as well as mid- to large-sized health departments are encouraged to submit.

May 3, 2018Audience = Illinois Governmental Public Health, Hospitals, Other Community Health Partners

  • Partnerships Addressing Social or Structural Determinants of Health – We want to hear how you engage community stakeholders from both the public and private sectors to form vibrant, structured, cross-sector partnerships designed to develop and guide Public Health 3.0 initiatives and to foster shared funding, services, and collective action. Share your recommendations, learning, and stories of successful multi-sector collaborations working on policy, systems, and environmental change strategies that directly affect the social determinants of health. We are particularly interested in collaborative work between health departments, hospitals, and other health care providers that are partnering with community-based organizations and non-traditional public health organizations.
  • Local Cross-Sector Data Sharing and Data Analysis – Timely, reliable, granular, and actionable data allow us to establish clear metrics so that we can assess the impact of prevention initiatives, including those targeting the social determinants of health. As the amount of available data increases, there is a need for even more clear, accurate, and well-analyzed data. Tell us about any local data sharing across sectors that is used to assess needs, target efforts, and measure impact; or tell us how you are leading the aggregation and interpretation of the many sources of data to ensure essential information is accessible and understandable.
  • Innovative Funding Strategies – Share groundbreaking approaches to fund population health improvement. We want to explore mechanisms for sustainable and flexible funding using a variety of innovative approaches, including blending and braiding funds across multiple sources; strategies that engage Medicaid, other insurance payers, and/or private health care systems; and banks, Community Development Finance Institutions (CDFIs), and/or economic development agencies.
  • Integrating Performance Management and Quality Improvement into Your Organization – The purpose of public health accreditation is quality improvement. We want to hear how your health department is advancing quality improvement through formal performance management systems development; pursuing accreditation; aligning your work with PHAB standards and measures; and building a culture of quality throughout your organization.


A group of Public Health 3.0 Planning Committee members will review all submissions and make selections based on the following criteria: 1) Proposals align with the themes for the Workforce Development Forum; 2) Proposals reflect the geographic diversity of the state and ensure representation of rural, suburban, and urban communities; 3) Proposals reflect sector diversity and ensure representation of multiple sectors in presentations and workshops; 4) Proposals for workshops are interactive and engaging for participants.

The lead presenter will be notified of acceptance by email no later than March 27, 2018.



Presenter registration fees will be waived. Presenters get an opportunity to promote the good work occurring in communities, network with peers, and contribute to the Public Health 3.0 knowledge base in Illinois. Limited slots are available. All presenters will be required to register for the Workforce Development Forum no later than April 15, 2018.

For questions, please contact Laurie Call at or 312.850.4744.

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