Why should I join the Illinois Public Health Association? 

Purchasing an IPHA membership account is the best way to stay up-to-date with the latest news and updates involving Illinois public health, and provides many tools to help you network with other Illinois public health professionals. An IPHA membership account will also give you access to many great features on ipha.com including:

  • ✔ Access to exclusive membership sections and members-only content
  • ✔ Weekly digest emails containing ipha.com activity
  • ✔ Priority event registration
  • ✔ Track your event participation history and evaluations
  • ✔ Exclusive access to members-only webinars
  • ✔ Post your IPHA professional profile and resume to our member directory
  • ✔ Search public health job listings
  • ✔ Join an IPHA council or committee

So what are you waiting for? Become an IPHA member today!


Individual Membership

An individual membership is perfect for public health professionals and enthusiast who are not currently associated with an IPHA affiliate. Special rates are available for retired and student members.







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Affiliate Employee Membership

Affiliate employee memberships are for IPHA professionals that are employed by a company or organization with an IPHA affiliate membership. You will be asked to select your affiliate company, and in order for your membership to be activated your account will need to be approved by the affiliate account manager.


With your employer's affiliate enrollment
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Affiliate Membership

Governmental or non-governmental agency which pays annual dues based on the number of employees. Assessment set by the Executive Council.

Price Per Number of Employees

1-25 $500
26-50 $1000
51-100 $2000
101-150 $3000
150+ $4000
Regular* $250

* Regular Affiliate is a non-governmental organization which receives one individual membership.

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