Community Outreach White Paper

The Immunization Billing Project has released a white paper entitled: Third-Party Billing and Community Outreach : Helping Local Public Health Departments Prosper.


You can find information on the white paper and a link to the paper below.


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Community Outreach White Paper


Executive Summary

Local public health departments (LHDs) play an essential role in protecting the health of the people in their communities by providing vital health services related to prevention, screening, and treatment of diseases.  Primary among these is the important task of providing immunizations and other preventive services that help to minimize the spread of infectious diseases. Traditionally, LHDs have provided these valuable services free of charge or at a nominal cost to the patient. However, recent changes in healthcare policies and cuts in state and federal funding have forced LHDs to bill for these services. Billing for immunizations and other preventive services not only allows LHDs to sustain their ability to provide these services, but it also creates opportunities to expand these services and generate new sources of revenue.  This paper will discuss how LHDs can utilize their capacity to bill for immunizations and other services to enhance their community outreach activities, reach a greater portion of the populations that they serve, and generate new sources of revenue. 


This paper focuses on the successes of three LHDs in Illinois that have effectively used third-party billing to broaden their community outreach services and increase revenue.  The LHDs featured in this paper include McLean County Health Department, Livingston County Health Department, and The Town of Cicero Health Department. All three of these LHDs work with employer groups and schools in their communities to provide immunizations and other preventive and wellness services. In some cases they bill the employer or school directly, and in other cases they bill a group health plan or individual health insurance policies. Each of these LHDs has customized and adapted their community outreach activities to meet specific needs in their communities. The ability to bill both public and private insurance plans has not only helped to pay for these services but is has also enabled each of these LHDs to expand and enhance the community outreach services that they provide. Their success illustrates how third-party billing can enable LHDs to be more innovative and prosperous.



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