Join APHA's 2018 1 Billion Steps Challenge today

Are you ready to get moving toward better health? APHA’s 1 Billion Steps Challenge helps build excitement for National Public Health Week 2018 and is the perfect opportunity to promote health and well-being in your community.  

The Steps Challenge officially kicks off on Jan. 1 and runs through April 8, the last day of NPHW. To help you and your family, friends and colleagues get moving, all Challenge participants receive free access to Stridekick’s fitness-tracking platform.

Ready to get stepping? You can join Team APHA or another existing team. Or create your own team.

Join today!

And help us spread the word on social media with the hashtag #1BillionSteps.

Not ready to join an existing team or start a team of your own? Share the Steps Challenge with family and friends and encourage them to help you form a team. We make it easy for you to get people moving with the 1 Billion Steps Challenge.


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