AmeriCorps Week 2018: Why We Serve

Current IPHA AmeriCorps Members share why they are serving in the IPHA AmeriCorps Program. 


“I am serving in the IPHA AmeriCorps Program because…”



“… I believe in the power of prevention.  I am deeply passionate about nutrition and believe strongly that with armed with the proper tools and education, we can combat against non-communicable, diet-related illnesses.  The work I am doing with Common Threads has such a profound impact on students, families and communities and I am so honored to be a steward of that work.”  -Brittany

“… the program is giving me the opportunity to get involved with my community. The program is giving me a chance to work with individuals who I wouldn’t have been able to without AmeriCorps. It allows me to gain valuable experience and skills that I can use for my future endeavors.”  -Kaitlyn

“… I hope to not only provide services to individuals seeking assistance, but also serve as a source of encouragement for individuals during difficult times.”  -Erika

“… I want to learn more about Public Health and gain skills that will help me best serve communities that I wish to work with in the future.”  -Jasmine

“… I believe health promotion and reducing barriers to healthcare access can empower individuals to take charge of their health to lead healthier and happier lives.”  -Nancy

“… of the professional opportunities that are available. I am developing as a public health professional daily from my service activities. With these opportunities and skills gained, I will be more prepared in my career path after graduate school and the end of my service term.”  -Waimon


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