AmeriCorps Week 2018: What We Do

Current IPHA AmeriCorps Members share how they are helping meet community needs through their AmeriCorps service.


“I serve in the IPHA AmeriCorps Program and I am helping…”


“…CPS students and their families by delivering in school nutrition lessons and after school culinary courses to enhance nutrition education to improve health!“  -Brittany

“…reduce childhood obesity by assisting with the Kane County Fit for Kids program. The program is trying to create a healthy environment by implementing projects and events to help with physical activity and healthy eating. One project that has been funded by Fit for Kids is getting heart monitors for an elementary school. The heart monitors are fun for the children because they are able to see how their heart rate goes up with physical activity. An event that is coming up is Top Healthy Chef. This event allows middle schoolers to cook using healthy food ingredients. The event helps show the kids that healthy food can be delicious and fun to make. “  -Kaitlyn

“…to combat homelessness and substance abuse disorders by providing stable housing, case management, and recovery services.”  -Erika

“…screen children to prevent progression of Keratoconus by screening them with a Pentacam. The Pentacam is a camera that takes a 360 picture of a patient’s cornea and indicates any thinning that may be detrimental.”  -Amy

“…underserved communities have access to quality healthcare by providing them with knowledge about resources and offering them assistance in navigating the healthcare system.”  -Jasmine

“…to make Local Health Departments in Illinois trauma-informed which will help to reduce the occurrence of trauma and re-traumatization.”  -Nick

“…McLean County residents who are at risk for HIV by helping the McLean County Health Department establish a PrEP clinic to provide the proper medications to residents to protect them from HIV infection. “  -Genny

“…Cis and Trans-Women of Color by providing them resources to affordable care and prevention methods.”  -Meghan


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