Proposed Regulation Change  Dept. of Homeland Security --COMMENT PERIOD OPEN until 12/10/18

Dear IPHA Member:

Please consider posting a comment about a proposed rule change which would greatly impact immigrant families with low incomes.  The Trump administration is proposing an expansion of the "public charge” test. This 100+ year old test has been used by immigration officials to determine whether an immigrant should be denied entry into the U.S. or denied a green card if they are dependent on the government for their subsistence.  Right now, under the long-standing test-- immigration officials can only look at two public benefits in this assessment: long term care being paid for by the government and cash assistance (like TANF). The proposed rule change would add Medicaid, ACA/Obamacare subsidies, WIC, SNAP, housing assistance, and energy assistance, among other public benefits. The rule change would also require officials to look not just at the green card applicant's use but whether their dependents-- including their U.S. citizen children dependents-, use-- or are likely to use- these benefits.  The rule change may force immigrants seeking their green card to choose between essential programs for themselves and their family and permanent legal status in the country.


Here is the notice from the Dept. of Homeland Security in the  Federal Register:


You can find background information here:


This is where you can post a comment:



IPHA's Statement: Public Charge Rule Statement 10-29-18.pdf

Statement Template: Public Charge Rule Statement Template.docx


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