Opportunity to host a summer AmeriCorps member!

IPHA is now taking applications for agencies to serve as host sites for SUMMER AmeriCorps members!

This is an excellent opportunity to get a full-time, skilled, motivated individual to serve at your agency for approximately 3 months (450 hours total) at a reduced cost...it is an investment of only $3,020!

IPHA Summer AmeriCorps Members receive a living allowance/stipend of $3,636, an education award of $1,566.14, and professional development opportunities. IPHA does all of the administrative work for you (payroll, background checks, recruitment, orientation etc)...the person just shows up at your agency ready to go!

We have a lot of interest from college students looking for public health experience for the summer months so I have no doubt we can provide you with a valuable member.

We are recruiting for AmeriCorps member candidates now, so if you are interested, please contact Krissy Roseberry at kroseberry@ipha.com as soon as possible to secure your slot!





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