APHA announces Center for Climate, Health and Equity

As a leader in climate change and public health, APHA is proud to announce the new APHA Center for Climate, Health and Equity.

The vision is to address climate change in ways that improve public health and health equity, creating the healthiest nation in one generation.

Visit APHA's climate and health webpages for new information and resources, including:

  • New factsheets on climate change and health that were adapted from the AJPH supplemental issue on Climate Change and Equity
  • The second Adaptation in Action Report focusing on climate justice and adaptation planning for vulnerable populations in nine states across the country
  • Climate Change, Health, and Equity: A Guide for Local Health Departments
  • The time to act is now: Empowering future generations to address climate change (video)

If you’re a student or early-career professional, consider attending APHA’s Speak for Health Advocacy Bootcamp this summer, where the focus will be on climate change and health. APHA's Center for Climate, Health & Equity is thrilled to offer 10 bootcamp scholarships.


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