Fellowship in Food Protection: Leadership Development for an Integrated Food Safety System

Would your agency benefit from one of your staff members participating in a development program for up and coming leaders at no direct financial cost to your agency? 

IFPTI is currently recruiting Cohort IX for the “Fellowship in Food Protection: Leadership Development for an Integrated Food Safety System”.  This Program is funded through a Cooperative Grant by the US Food and Drug Administration. 


For more information and to apply, please visit www.ifpti.org/fellowship-program

Eligible candidates must be employees of a U.S. food regulatory agency (federal, state, local, tribal, or territorial), and must have: 

  • At least 4 years of work experience in the food regulatory field;
  • Agency support for their participation;
  • The ability to devote four weeks of their time during the year-long program; and
  • The ability to travel.

Program details
The IFPTI Fellowship Program is a unique learning experience for regulatory professionals who want to make a positive impact on the safety of the U.S. food supply through regulatory programs such as food service, dairy, eggs, animal feed, manufactured food, meat, produce, retail food, seafood, shellfish, laboratory, etc.

The Program takes a multifaceted approach incorporating three on-location week-long sessions, periodic webinars, and a mentor-guided research project.

Fellows focus on an Integrated Food Safety System (IFSS) while building competencies in Professional Skills, Program Management, and Applied Leadership under the guidance of recognized leaders in food protection. Real world experience is gained through the creation of an IFSS for a fictitious government (the Island of Solaris).

In tandem with these week-long sessions, Fellows work with mentors to conduct research on a current food safety issue. The results of their research project are published in a special edition of the AFDO Journal, and Fellows will have the opportunity to present their research at the AFDO Annual Educational Conference (the 2021 conference will be in Grand Rapids, Michigan).

Over the last eight years, IFPTI has delivered seven cohorts which has resulted over 70 alumni from federal, state, and local regulatory food protection agencies.

This competency-based program has proven to provide the following:

  • leadership competencies
  • public speaking skills and experience
  • policy planning and administration experience
  • analytical skills
  • written and interpersonal communication skills
  • professional behavior experience
  • applied science practice
  • negotiation abilities
  • advocacy skills
  • facilitation skills
  • legal proceedings knowledge
  • clarity of the Integrated Food Safety System.

Are there staff members in your agency who you believe should apply?

For more information and to apply, please visit www.ifpti.org/fellowship-program

Contact the IFPTI Fellowship Program Director, Lauri Yarger (fellowship@ifpti.org) for any additional information.


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