Immunization Billing Project Releases White Paper: Immunization Credentialing and Contracting for Public Health Departments

The Immunization Billing Project is pleased to present a white paper entitled, Immunization Credentialing and Contracting for Public Health Departments.  This white paper provides an overview for Illinois public health immunization credentialing and contracting with Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance.  Public health departments will find this guide to be a valuable reference manual for the credentialing and contracting process.


About the Author: Shefali Mookencherry, MPH, MSMIS, RHIA, CHPS, HCISPP

Shefali Mookencherry has extensive experience in the HIPAA, healthcare IT/finance, Meaningful Use, billing, coding, contracting, credentialing, and revenue cycle areas, including 20+ years in the healthcare industry, with nine spent in senior management positions. She has conducted various contracting, credentialing, billing, coding, and HIPAA education, training, compliance assessments/analyses for various clients including public health departments/associations, small physician practices, IT vendors to larger integrated delivery networks and academic institutions.



White Paper


IPHA has also assembled a list of provider websites for most of the payers in Illinois.  Health departments may begin the credentialing and contracting process by visiting a payer’s provider website to obtain forms and information about the payer’s credentialing and contracting process.

Payers' Provider Websites



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