Employee Spotlight - Abigail Ivancicts, Lead Health Educator
Meet Abigail Ivancicts, our Lead Health Educator at IPHA! Abigail is currently working on education for the Public Health Navigator grant, creating the curriculum for a CHW pipeline course with Lincoln Land Community College, and working with our community partners to foster healing conversations as part of our Healing Illinois grant.
➡Her favorite part about IPHA is the amazing staff she gets to work with every day. Abigail is dedicated, with the support of IPHA, to challenge systems that do not work.
➡ Her hobbies include raising her wonderful rescue Pitbull Boxer mix, Beauregard. 🐾 She also enjoys kayaking and crocheting.
➡ She's known to play a mean game of Clue, enjoys watching Parks and Rec, and loves to coupon and clearance shop.


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