Take Action During the Final Days of August Congressional Recess

The time is ripe to talk with your members of Congress about public health funding while they are still at home through Sept. 4. Once recess is over, Congress will have a lot of work to do in a short amount of time before the fiscal year ends on Sept. 30. Tell them we need more funding to protect and improve the health of all people in your district and state and that the Prevention and Public Health Fund needs to be maintained and previously diverted funding needs to be restored.

This is also a great time to continue talking with your members of Congress about health care – holding those who voted to take health coverage away from millions of people accountable and urging members to work in a bipartisan manner to improve upon the Affordable Care Act.

Make the most of your interactions with your lawmakers with APHA's PHACT campaign resources:
Meet with your members of Congress or their staff, or invite them to visit you.
Attend a public forum and ask a question.
Write an op-ed. Ask us for a template letter at mediarelations@apha.org.  
• Use Facebook or Twitter to engage with your members of Congress.
• Short on time? Send an email or call your members of Congress using an APHA action alert as a phone script or email message.


Thank you for joining us in creating a healthier nation!


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