Encourage people to get vaccinated with help from educational COVID-19 vaccine resources

COVID-19 Vaccine Educational Materials

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COVID-19 Channing Bete

Give people the information they need about coronavirus, hand hygiene, and more

Resources available from Channing Bete Company

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Coronavirus Channing Bete Health Education/Promotion

Educate people how PrEP therapy can reduce the risk of HIV infection for at-risk individuals with a quick-reading resource

This fact-filled publication from Channing Bete helps people decide if PrEP is right for them!

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Health Education/Promotion HIV/AIDS, STIs and Viral Hepatitis Channing Bete

Promote the benefits of child immunization with these motivating publications

IPHA members can take advantage of the following discounted resource from Channing Bete.

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Channing Bete Immunization Family Planning & Maternal and Child Health Health Education/Promotion

Publications available to raise awareness of devastating impact on families

Addiction's forgotten victims -- preview publications to support children, families

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Health Education/Promotion Opioids adverse childhood experiences Substance Abuse Channing Bete

Flu season is closer than you think - outreach materials available

Preview Channing Bete outreach materials online, request free samples

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Health Education/Promotion Nursing Nurse Administrators Flu Influenza Channing Bete

Receive free samples of compelling publications on maternal and child health, mental health, emergency readiness, and more

Channing Bete offering you an opportunity to have samples mailed right to your door -- absolutely free and with no obligation

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Health Education/Promotion Channing Bete

Colorful resources to help raise awareness for National Public Health Week

Channing Bete offers various resources for promoting public health and IPHA members receive a discount!

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NPHW Health Education/Promotion National Public Health Week (NPHW) 2017 Channing Bete

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