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FFF Enterprises Flu Vaccine Purchasing Program

2020-2021 IPHA Flu Vaccine Purchasing Program with FFF Enterprises

IPHA has again negotiated an agreement that will allow all PARTICIPATING IPHA Sustaining Affiliate members to receive a reduction to their 2021 IPHA membership dues equal to 2% of the total dollar volume (less excise tax) of vaccine ordered through FFF Enterprises.

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Flu Vaccine Purchasing Program FFF Enterprises

2020-2021 IPHA Flu Vaccine Purchasing Program

IPHA's flu vaccine purchasing program allows Sustaining Affiliate members to maximize their purchasing power with vaccine suppliers for Influenza vaccines. The development of this program had two primary objectives: to ensure timely shipments of vaccines, and to take advantage of all available discounts by purchasing vaccines in large quantities.

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Purchasing Consortiums Vaccines FFF Enterprises vaccine purchasing consortium Flu Vaccine Purchasing Program

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