HealthChoice Illinois enrollment website and online resources

As you know, HealthChoice Illinois is the new statewide Medicaid managed care plan.  HFS is in the process of transitioning most Medicaid beneficiaries into a HealthChoice MCO plan.  When the program is fully implemented (target date is July 2018), approximately 80% of all Illinois’ Medicaid population will be enrolled in one of the HealthChoice Illinois MCOs.

The enrollment process has already started.  The Transition and Expansion Mail Schedule can be found here:

HFS has established an enrollment website:  The enrollment website is very user friendly and contains a lot of helpful information. 

Copies of the enrollment letters and related materials that have been, or will be, mailed to eligible Medicaid clients can be found here:   

A comparison chart of all of the MCO plans can be found here:

Answers to FAQ can be found here:  

Those who are eligible may enroll by phone (1-877-912-8880), mail, or by using the website:  



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