Making Illinois Safer - Strategic Plan Released

The IDPH Injury and Violence Prevention Program is pleased to release the state strategic plan, “Making Illinois Safer: 2018-2022 State Strategic Plan to Prevent Injury, Violence, and Suicide”. You also can find the document under the “Publications” section of the IDPH Injury and Violence Prevention webpage.  

Making Illinois Safer 2018-2022 Strategic Plan

This document represents a yearlong effort of contributors from state agencies and partners, community based organizations, and academe to develop a roadmap for injury, violence, and suicide prevention in Illinois.  Thank you to the many people who were involved in the development of the strategic plan. Your input and time were invaluable!

Intended Audience

The plan is relevant to partners who are leading injury, violence, and suicide prevention efforts throughout the state to ensure the safety of all people where they live, work, learn, and play. While everyone plays a role in prevention, this plan is specifically targeted at the following audiences.

  • Injury, violence, and suicide prevention professionals
  • State and local governmental and organizational policy and regulatory decision makers and advocates
  • First responders, local health departments, and health care professionals
  • Communities, including organizations and coalitions; community members; researchers; and businesses throughout the state of Illinois

The strategic plan outlines six goals – 1) Infrastructure, 2) Sustainability, 3) Data and Surveillance, 4) Knowledge, 5) Community, and 6) Policy.  IPS has four committees dedicated to overseeing the implementation of these goals. They meet on a monthly basis by WebEx. If there is an area you are interested in, please send me an email and I will connect you to the appropriate committee.

In addition to the goals, the strategic plan also includes a wealth of resources:

  • History of Injury Prevention at the Illinois Department of Public Health
  • Violence and Injury Prevention: Comprehensive Index Tool
  • Injury Related Hotlines, Helplines, and Crisis Text Lines
  • Illinois Injury Related Plans and Reports
  • List of Illinois Injury Related Laws
  • Major Injury Funding Awards in Illinois



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