Lupus Outreach, Education and Clinical Trials

The Lupus Clinical Trials Community Outreach and Education is a 4-year partnership between Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Harvard School of Medicine Brigham Women's Hospital, the Illinois Public Health Association and the Lupus Society of Illinois, to engage various African-American communities in becoming active trainers (Popular Leaders) on Lupus and Research participation.

The effort is directed to address critical health disparities outcomes through the identification of social and economic challenges that impair access to specialized care, and the participation of communities of color in furthering treatment and care of chronic diseases.

Training and information is currently provided through Northwestern University, Harvard University and the Illinois Public Health Association webinars, conference/Zoom calls and distribution of informational materials.

For additional information and technical assistance/referral, please contact Patricia Canessa, PhD at the Illinois Public Health Association (312) 203-9468 or

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