Webinar on Health Inequities - July 18, 11:00am

Title: Moving Upstream:  Recognizing Our Role and Responsibility in Challenging the Structural Determinants of Health Inequities

Structural drivers—including social, political, and economic policies—produce and perpetuate today’s health inequities. Recognizing and intervening on these structural determinants of health inequities is a crucial step for clinicians and public health professionals in promoting health equity. This webinar will provide tangible examples of how this pathway manifests, and will offer strategies for intervening at this level given our current socio-political climate.

Facilitated by: Jeni Hebert-Beirne, PhD, MPH

Presented by: The MidAmerica Center for Public Health Practice  with the  Total Worker Health UIC Center for Healthy Work

Date: July 18, 2017

Time: 11am-12pm CST



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