Archived Webinar: “Getting to Zero in Illinois!”

Webinar Title:  “Getting to Zero in Illinois!”


Webinar Description:  Now is the time to Get to Zero!  Illinois is making dramatic progress against HIV, but with focused investment and attention we can do better.  Inspired by other areas, like New York, Washington state, San Francisco, and Houston, a small group met over the past year to map out a plan to eliminate HIV in Illinois by 2027.  What does Getting to Zero mean for Illinois?  Zero new HIV infections and Zero people living with HIV who are not receiving treatment.  The benefits of Getting to Zero could be substantial for Illinois.  Join us as we discuss our Illinois Getting to Zero framework document, the two major aims outlined therein, and how you can be involved in the Getting to Zero planning initiative.


Webinar Presenters:  John Peller, AIDS Foundation of Chicago, and Valerie Johansen, Lake County Health Department


Webinar Hosts:  The Illinois Public Health Association and the AIDS Foundation of Chicago


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